Bampb Italia Houston

Bampb Italia Houston

B and B fine Italia furniture is available in Houston from Internum Design. If your home or apartment is ready for a transformation, take a look at the exquisite Italia furniture in stock and ready to ship from some of the biggest designers and manufacturers in the furniture world today!


Internum’s Do-Maru Italian armchair is named after the ancient armor worn by Samurai warriors, and was made up of painted and decorated leather plates that covered his body. Like the other swivel armchairs from B and B, this chair was designed by Doshi-Levein. The beautiful shell of the seat is made up of a couple of superimposed bodies, softened by padding that can be upholstered with either fabric or leather. You'll simply love this chair.


The Metropolitan 14 lounge sofa is named after the armchair with the same splendor profile and expertly tailored design that was presented in 2014. This is a modern sofa that features the continuous lines presented by both seat and armrest, but the innovative touch is the base with four spokes and glossy brushed aluminum. This piece refreshingly revisits the look of even the most conventional spaces.


The Gio is a new series with the contemporary classic accent that is dedicated to living in the open air. It offers a complete range of sofas, seating units, Chase lounge, Sundance, armchairs, tables, and compliments which have been developed from solid teak structures and incorporate a special antique gray finish, giving the wood a particularly lived in aspect and silver gray reflective quality.


B and B Italia from Houston’s Internum offers Edouard Italian furniture with an innovative new brand of padded furniture that is endowed with powerful aesthetic and functional charm; sofas and sectional seating elements are designed to create restful areas that suit both the space available and the personal taste. The system of chair and ottoman offers two typologies which differ in the height of the frames.


Gio from B and B offers a terrific range of Italia outdoor furniture for Houston patios. The Gio is the new series with a contemporary classic accent that is dedicated to living in the open air. The various types of sofas, end units, and chase lounge can be assembled to form linear, corner, and Peninsula seating. That offer the basic structure of wooden slats with back rest and armrest that are characterized by an interlacing of ecru ribbons. This particular type of structure allows for easy disassemble to reduce the space needed to store the products in the winter.


If you are interested in seeing more B and B Italia furniture from Houston’s Internum, please visit their website at, where you will find a terrific selection of Edouard and Do-Maru B and B furniture in all the best styles, colors and accents.


B and B Italian furniture will transform your Houston living space into a sophisticated living area where friends and family will love to visit, and you’ll love to entertain. See what’s new in fine Italian furniture at Take


Bampb Italia Houston
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Bampb Italia Houston Bampb Italia Houston