Cassina Houston

Cassina Houston

Enjoy the beautiful look of Cassina furniture in your Houston living spaces. Take your home to the next level, with contemporary styles and patterns from new Cassina furnishings.


Cassina’s Utrecht armchair with its steel supporting frame and polyurethane foam And polyester padding offers an incredible dissection into geometric claims and surfaces keeping in the spirit of Rietveld’s freedom, change, and innovation. This incredible interpretation highlights the graphic rhythm and separation of structural elements that are recurrent themes in Rietveld’s work.


Cassina’s Deadline Mirror was designed by Ron Giliad for the new collection. The deadline series dissects reality into parallel layers and offers the spectator the possibility to contemplate a more complex and poetic reality. The reflection of the spectator is not just objective, the purely functional aspect becomes secondary, distorting our perception of the mirror as an object. The deadline series is a clear reference the contemporary art world and points to a question mark about who we are and what we see, whether it is reality or a reflection of reality. This Cassina mirror will beautifully complement your Houston home.


Cassina’s sling chair with polished trivalent Chrome plated or semi gloss black enamel steel frame will look incredible in your Houston lanai. This lightweight and compact chair is a counterpoint to the Fautaull Grand comfort, is more massive, and is in perfect balance with the table and steel tube and chase lounge. Cassina offers three versions of this chair which were all designed for different uses.


You’ll love the look of Cassina’s Beam Sofa System in your Houston living room! This is an articulated sofa system which develops along a beam. The system is made of soft cushions that are supported by a beam, a sharp line that raises the flexible and lightweight back and armrest cushions which meet and a skillful embrace. The beam sofa system has those wonderful hidden qualities that often characterize Cassina’s models and pay tribute to Vico Magistretti’s work. The incredible results is a nonconformist sectional sofa.


Next, we look at the sensational Cassina Gender armchair, designed for Houston homes. Gender is an ever changing armchair for a new domestic landscape, deriving it's changing identity based on chromatic and material combinations and in encounter between too formerly independent shapes that make up one form. The Gender must be seen to be appreciated. It is dressed in layers, with textures and colors that meet and contrast to create an adaptable lexicon in relation to its environment. The Gender armchair represents Cassina’s innovation and the research for quality tailoring with a a construction of a complex and sophisticated dressing.


Cassina’s Ico restaurant or office chair offers simplicity and comfort and complex workmanship. A tribute to Cassina’s carpentry workmanship heritage, the Ico is representative of the values the manufacturer still maintains today.


Take a closer look at Cassina’s fine contemporary furniture from Internum, available online at Cassina can provide your living spaces within inviting look and a relaxing comfort. Your guests will love your new Cassina collection- and you will too!


Cassina Houston
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