Contemporary Lighting Houston

Contemporary Lighting Houston

Contemporary lighting Houston will offer your Houston home a complete look of sophistication that cannot otherwise be obtained without integrating one or two exceptional pieces into your decor. Often lighting is the singular item that draws the attention of the eye, bringing together the complete look of the room.

Internum provides a one of a kind selection of high end European lighting that is sure to complement any motif and add function as well as aesthetic value to every room in your home.

Bocci’s ’73’ resulted from blowing liquid glass into a folded and highly heat-resistant ceramic fabric vessel. The resulting shape has the form and texture intuitively associated with fabric, but with the optics and tactility of glass. A flat light source is positioned to fill the resulting volume with diffuse light, encouraging a volumetric reading. Bocci’s modern lighting can add a dimension to your Houston apartment you never dreamed possible.

Arflex’s Papillon is a true design meets function piece. The applique lamp Papillon plays with transparencies, colors and geometric shapes. The two LED strips are integrated in the central beam with finishing in golden, that supports the two colored glasses. You’re going to love the way this light attracts guests to its presence in your home!

Cappellini’s Meltdown astonished the design community with its bold and refreshing appearance on the market. Designer Johan Lindsten offers a group of lamps of thin colored glass with a spherical shape. Its inspiration was through the Fukushima nuclear accident, as its bulbs appear to be melting through their last defense of the glass. The Meltdown also comes in a tabletop version, a single bowl, and 3 bowls in linear suspension. You’ve never seen anything like Cappelini’s Meltdown- and never will again. 

Letti & Co’s Contemporary lighting will brighten up your Houston rooms with a new elegance and style. Their LC92 standing lamp is in American Walnut with white parchment paper shade. This free-standing light will bring its brilliance to any area where you need extra light to read by, to take advantage of leisure time for sewing or needlepoint, or other indoor hobbies, or just to throw light on an area that needs brightening.

MDF Italia offers the Mamba for your lighting pleasure. The Mamba project majestically combines form, function and material to give rise to a piece with a sensual feel and look, a piece that seems to materialize from and disappear into the wall, a piece which springs from the designer’s considerations about the material, its intrinsic and extrinsic properties, and the way it is processed.

The proposed idea of a continuous strip that traced an organic figure across a wall is a new type of furnishing complement, and the Mamba offers it perfectly in this unique blend of shelf, desk, table and LED light. This is modern lighting at its pinnacle!

Houston company Internum supplies high end furnishings for your home that are unlike any other on the market today. Take a closer look at their inventory online at, where you’ll find the Contemporary lighting Houston you’re looking for, to brighten up your spaces.

Contemporary Lighting Houston
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Contemporary Lighting Houston Contemporary Lighting Houston