Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Houston

Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Houston

Looking for Contemporary outdoor furniture for your Houston lanai? You’re going to love what’s available from Internum furniture! Their vast selection of indoor and outdoor furnishings are guaranteed to brighten up your living spaces and invite your guests to stay longer than they anticipated.

Minotti’s Virginia Outdoor collection will make you want to spend more time outdoors- a lot more time. The Virginia Outdoor family is a line that is brilliantly balanced between classicism and the modern. Workmanship of the solid iroko wood plays up all the qualities of a living, organic material that is pleasing to the eyes and to the touch. The finish options are: natural iroko or dark brown stained.

The clean lines of the Virginian Outdoors line are complemented by soft back and seat cushions that make life worthwhile.

Internum’s Riva Moletta outdoor bench is a play on the typical out-of-scale aesthetic quality of popular art, offering a hyper-natural interpretation to the cedar wood of this oversized clothespin bench. The aesthetic strength of Moletta owes a lot to the skillful workmanship of the solid wood that is part of Riva 1920's tradition. In this seat in particular, the workmanship of the oblique cuts brings out the grain and the tones of the natural cedar, creating an almost virtual texture that covers the entire object.

You’ll get a lot of use out of Minotti’s Aston Cord chair, which shares its design roots with some of the pieces that are on a smaller scale, whose graceful lines lend themselves to creating innovative products, able to express the continuity and consistency of style between indoor and outdoor furnishings. The Aston Cord is available with or without armrests, and stands ready to lend its fresh and informal personality to your motif.

Internum’s Tropez is considered in the world of outdoor furniture throughout Houston as a light-hearted and unpretentious, yet sensationally functional furnishing for the patio. The Tropez offers the look of a lacewing bird landed in a garden. Tropez is beginning to bring the comfort of interior furniture to the outdoors, its platform construction based on an extruded aluminum profile to allow its elements to be interchanged, providing flexibility in outdoor seating.

B and B Italia offers exceptional Contemporary outdoor furniture for your Houston yard, patio or lanai. Their Canasta piece is an incredible choice of woven patterns, reviving and personalizing the concept of a traditional look, but giving it a decisively contemporary feel without overusing its nostalgic influence. The Canasta seating system is traditional Vienna straw, with a decorative geometric shape. 

A linear sofa in two versions, with high and low backrest, an armchair with the same alternatives, a large circular armchair, and a sunbed, make up the Canasta collection. Ideal for the swimming pool area or the garden lawn, these chairs are like pieces of land art that harmonize with the surrounding scenery. In Canasta, B&B Italia’s most sophisticated technologies are fused with history and culture: an interweaving between the ancient and the modern.

Take a new look at what’s available in outdoor furniture for Houston home owners. Visit for a fresh take on fine Contemporary outdoor furniture.

Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Houston
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Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Houston Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Houston