Furniture Design District Miami

Furniture Design District Miami

If you enjoy shopping in the furniture design district in Miami, Florida, you’re going to love the furniture styles available from Internum Design.With such big brand names as EmmeBi, B&B Italia, Flou, Girgetti, Capellini, and many others, you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for- from the comfort of your own home.


Internum Design knows what their customers want- the same high quality and selection they would find from the furniture design district in Miami, without having to fight the traffic and do the legwork. That’s why they’ve done all the research for you, and brought together one of the finest collections of luxurious European furniture in one convenient place.


If you entertain in your Miami home, you’re going to simple adore their Flou Biss collection of stunning living space furniture in elegant and sophisticated colors and styles that will impress, time after time. Biss’ seating systems provide an excellent solution when space is limited. It consists of two completely independent single beds, both of which are fitted with fixed slats with rigidity adjustment and removable covers, available in leather or your choice in fabric. 


For the Biss, the base of the top bed, complete with headboard, can be opened and used to contain the second bed. There is no headboard attached to the second bed, which is fitted with wheels to facilitate movement. Two versions are available: one can be raised from the floor, thanks to a piston device; the other remains at floor level and cannot be raised. Simply an innovative and beautiful design!


We know you’re in love with furniture design district Miami’s SABA furniture, and haven’t forgotten to include a generous collection of their fine Italian home furnishings, from sensational sofas and seating arrangements, lounges, armchairs and unique seating options to occasional pieces that will stand out in your home as some of the most beautiful pieces your guests have ever seen. Check our to see their SABA series.


Vondom furniture is not for those afraid of showing off their style, and their interesting news Ulm series is no exception. The Ulm collection seeks unity with its design and that of other products, combining among diverse elements that form a complete ensemble. The sofa, just like the daybed, chairs, and ottoman, embody rigid and resilient structures for rest and support, providing total and supreme comfort and sophistication at once. Ulm’s unique ability to illuminate each piece can drape any space in color, making it unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in the furniture design district of Miami. We have a feeling Ulm will be one of your new favorites.


Why drive down to the furniture design district in Miami when all of your favorite furniture manufacturers and designers are right online at Internum Design? Take advantage of shopping from home, with prices you’ll appreciate and all of the furniture you’ve come to love from the FDD in Miami.


Visit, where function meets sophistication, and where your home finds its unique style.

Furniture Design District Miami
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Furniture Design District Miami Furniture Design District Miami