Italian Furniture Miami

Italian Furniture Miami

Internum Design is a proud supplier of fine Italian furniture for Miami homes and apartments. Their enormous collection of high-end furniture will bring a note of sophistication to your home decorating project that will inspire your guests and ensure their comfort.


Their Bocci Series 25 seating is unique to anything you’ll find on the market today. Its conventional upholstery is based on a simple principle: foam is encased in fabric to provide comfort. The 25 bench eliminates foam from the equation and compensates by providing a vast excess of fabric, which is allowed to fold and pleat haphazardly to create a comfortable seat and back. Over time, the randomly folded pleats will shift as they conform to the human body to create interesting organic patterns. 


We absolutely love this seating element and can think of many different environments where it would be an asset and provide something superior to the decor, including restaurants and cafes, boutiques and art galleries, as well as private residences.


Giorgetti’s Italian Furniture will light up your Miami residence with fashion and function perfectly blended to make life comfortable. Their Rea collection crafts exceptionally beautiful beds in a series of double sized bed frames and mattresses with the head board frame in rigid compact polyurethane, cold foam flexible polyurethane and poplar. Its completely removable upholstery is manufactured in leather for a unique look you’re going to seriously embrace night after night.


Giorgetti also makes a sensational series of low tables in their Blend collection that come in a wide range of shapes, colors, finishes, functions and sizes. This series of low tables with the top frame in manufactured veneer and solid ash wood comes available in 5 finishes to match your existing decor. The base comes in solid ash wood or can be painted in bronze color to create a natural effect. Inserts for the table top are available in: calacatta gold marble, porter marble, crystal glass in glace, pearl grey, dusty grey and sit grey, leather in various color shades, and metal sheet Peltrox finish.


Tacchini’s fine Italian furniture will breathe new life into your Miami home, with its unique colors and oblique corners, creating an architectural play of light and shadow that will compel guests to sit a spell. Full volumes seem to float above the floor, on hidden bases, giving the Crystal collection such a beautiful appearance you just have to see to appreciate. 


Tacchini’s Crystal collection consists of two and three seat sofa options, lounge or waiting area seats, and unique armchairs like nothing you’ve ever seen before! These individual pieces have what it takes to bring a high level of sophistication to your home, office or waiting area, inviting all who look on them to come closer and enjoy their comfort.


Internum Design provides the Italian furniture their Miami customers are looking for, and offer them at some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere. Visit to see for yourself what their Italian furniture can do for the look of your living space.

Italian Furniture Miami
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Italian Furniture Miami Italian Furniture Miami