Made In Italy Miami

Made In Italy Miami

Are you looking for made in Italy furniture for your Miami home or apartment? You’ll love what Internum has available in their large and exclusive inventory. 


B&B Italia is one such designer. Their Edouard signature line is available at Their Edouard soft-cushioned ottoman is perfect for a waiting area or living space, and will give it that sophisticated appearance you’re striving to create. All of the Edouard furniture is luxuriously made to provide comfort and aesthetics in your home, with long, straight lines and trendy, thinner but comfy cushions. 


B&B Italia’s Made in Italy furniture will brighten up any Miami motif. Their collection includes love seats, sofas, ottomans, lounge area seating, waiting room sofas, modular sofa systems, sectional seating arrangements,  traditional sofa collections, comfortable chairs, and much more. Internum is proud to provide B&B Italia for their customers.


Cappellini’s made in Italy furniture seems like it was made for Miami life. Their spectacularly embroidered chairs are exceptional in every way. The four seasons are the characters of their embroidered chair lines; they express the unique relationship between the embroidery tradition that has been passed down through the generations in industrial technology, along with their ash wood body and backrests and cross-stitch, they are true assets to any home decor.


Cappellini’s ‘Basket’ collection in unique on the market today, and includes a range of seating options that include two and three seat sofas and large armchairs. Basket is a reintroduction of the metal frame by which it has borrowed its name. The cushions are completely removable with zip fasteners, and the upholstery is available in matt lacquer white, red, black and grey. The Baskets are available in different fabrics or leather. We know you’ll absolutely love all of the made in Italy products by Capellini for Miami home comfort.


Cappellini’s Cuba 25 collection of sofas is made with wood and metal frame with leather cushions in brilliant colors that do so much to home decor, one would think it not possible to decorate without their styles and visual aspects once incorporated into a room. The Cuba 25 series consists of two and three seating sofas which can be purchased with extractable beds in single or double size.


We love the Capellini Gabetta collection for its true simplicity. This made in Italy furniture is ideal for Miami entertaining and will give your living space the look that it has been plucked right out of a movie. The Gabetta series offers an armchair, open-ended sofa and closed-ended sofa structures, with fabric and leather options and black cast aluminum legs.


For the best selection of Made in Italy furniture for your Miami decorating and entertaining, visit Internum online at, where you’ll find the famous brands and designers you’re looking for. Home decorating has never been this easy. Internum makes fine Italian furniture available to clients the world over.


Let Internum Design be your little secret when gets ask you where you found your fabulous collection of Italian furniture.

Made In Italy Miami
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Made In Italy Miami Made In Italy Miami