Minotti Houston

Minotti Houston

Minotti Furniture will bring your Houston home or apartment into the contemporary light. If you have ever wanted to create a sophisticated look throughout your home, count on the sleek and elegant look of Minotti furniture.


Minotti’s Creed small armchair and semi-round lounge sofa are synonymous with compact size and the sophisticated constructive details that set the entire Creed Collection apart. The Creed Small Armchair. The back of the small armchair with a fixed face rests on the metal support and on the front legs and salad Sucupira wood with stained mink color finish. The Creed with swivel base and automatic return to center rests on for pressure cast metal cross plates with light bronze satin finish.


When you put a Minotti Bedford bed in your Houston home you are purchasing elegantly tailored workmanship with construction that is based on features that contribute to a quality sleep experience. The basis of this bed is a Divan that insures an optimal level of comfort and improved quality of night rest. It's headboard is generously padded and features a saddle hide insert set off by elegant zippers. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they aim to facilitate the removal of the headboard material.


Minotti’s Anderson Plaid bedspread will complement your Houston bedroom. It is handmade and covered with ecru fabric on one side and silver or mud colored fabric. The bedspread is double faced covered with 100% linen fabric. Choose from Burrel, stripes, Chevron, or plaid, in honeycomb weave made of wool.


Minotti’s collection of Creed seating elements comes with a full-blown personality and was developed to establish, a lively meaningful conversation with its many accessories from the 2016 collection. They serve to particularly complement the Bellagio lounge tables to create in your home innovative and unique living spaces. The Creed Family comprises numerous chairs, each of which was specifically designed for a particular setting, in terms of both use and style. This Minotti chair will complement your Houston living room uniquely.


Minotti’s Riviera outdoor Houston collection offers a contemporary interpretation of retro elegance reminiscent of the typically Mediterranean vibe. Minotti’s Riviera project was driven by a desire to experiment with contrast, and the unique combination of materials for the outdoors, lightweight metal, the reassuring warmth of wood, sophisticated weaves around the amazing elegance of fabric. This piece will transform your outdoor space into an intimate and cozy setting.


Minotti’s Dibbets Flag rugs offer a color combination based on contrast or tone on tone effects and bold backgrounds creating horizontal stripes that inspire motif that distinguishes the Dibbets Flag Collection of rugs. Their particular shades of color were uniquely chosen for their coherence with the hues that characterize the 2016 collection.


If you're interested and a Minotti theme in your Houston home, visit Internum online at internum.com, where you will find an incredible selection of high-end furniture, at some of the best prices you'll find anywhere. Create the sanctuary in your home with the beautiful work of Minotti’s fine furniture and complementary accessories.



Minotti Houston
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